4.Stage – Weidenbogen stage

The „Weidenbogenbühne“

In 2016 we made the decision to open a fourth new stage for you.

During the last years we had a Medieval Market. This market is no more. Now this space is the place for the biggest stage at the Nocturnal Culture Night – the “Weidenbogenbühne”. With a size of 10x7x5 meters the stage is bigger than our main stage and has the same capacity of 2.500 people.
The stage opening was a blast with more than 15 acts like DAF, Solitary Experiments or Megaherz who burned the place.
If you don’t want to dance you can watch or hear the shows from our free seats. Because of that the program varies a lot to be an option for the whole audience.

Conclusion: We’ve changed a lot, but it is still comfortable ;)

NCN 2016 - Solitary Experiments

NCN 2016 – Solitary Experiments

NCN 2016 - Rotersand

NCN 2016 – Rotersand

NCN 2016 - DAF

NCN 2016 – DAF