3.Stage – Culture stage

The „Kulturbühne“

The third stage at NCN. On the left hand side in front of the “Parkbühne” there is a small path to get there. The stage is located very close (behind) to the “Parkbühne”. In the beginning of our festival we used the area for bonfires to relax after the shows.

Since 2011 and 2012 we used the stage for readings, fashion shows or special shows of acts like Modern Cubism or Vic Anselmo. So over the years it became our „Culture Stage”.
In 2013 the stage became more important for live shows during the festival when it saw shows of e.g. 6Comm, Spiritual Front or Die Kammer. The overwhelming demand for shows like this forced us to have a special focus on that stage. During the shows of ROME and Sieben (Midnight Special) in 2014 we had to close the entry from time to time because the capacity is limited to 700 people and we want and have to fulfill safety regulations.

So please be there in time or maybe a bit earlier to make sure you can get in for the shows you want to see. First come – first serve. We will do there special live shows again with Neo-Folk, Industrial, Avant-Garde or Experimental artists.


NCN 2013 – Die Kammer


NCN 2014 – Rome

NCN 2015 – Henric De La Cour



NCN 2015 – Kite

NCN 2016 – King Dude