2.Stage – Park stage

The „Parkbühne“

The history of this stage started in 2007 as a tiny (someone would say „cute“) stage. In 2015 the stage was completely rebuilt and modernised. Now the stage is on the next level – closed on three sides and surrounded by trees. We use every centimeter / inch of the area for it to offer the biggest possible stage in this part of the festival area. The stage got a unique charme over the years. In 2007 the stage was 4×3 meters in size – now it has 8×7 meters and a very good sound system.

In 2007 Mono Inc. played at this stage and started their stunning carrer.
But this stage saw a lot more amazing shows from other famous artists in the old days. E.g. Fixmer/McCarthy, Staubkind, Agonoize, 32 Crash, The Klinik and Haujobb who melted the tarmac in front of the stage. Klangstabil had a crowd of 1.700 at this stage. It is a record for this stage wich will (maybe) never will be broken. Because of this show we had to think about the stages and founded the “Weidenbogenbühne” in 2016 for a varied program. Since then the “Parkbühne” is the stage and the place for Synth- & Coldwave, Minimal and Post Punk. Your openness of different styles of music and your feedback show us that it was right to do it that way.





NCN 2016 – Agent Side Grinder



NCN 2015 – Disamteld



NCN 2014 – Klangstabil



NCN 2013 – Haujobb



NCN 2012 – Agonoize



NCN 2011 – Staubkind

NCN 2009 – 32 Crash

NCN 2008 – Staubkind

NCN 2007 – Mono Inc.