Historie Kulturpark

The Kulturpark and it’s history


Deutzen alt 4The traditional venue „Kulturpark Deutzen“ is a replacement for the devastated park of Alt-Deutzen castle. In the 1930’s the marquee of the old people- and culture park was the center of all many activities in the municipal of city Deutzen.
After World War II a big amphitheater was built from ruins material. But in the middle of the 1960’s this popular place were teared down because of the opencast mining in this area.
Volunteers worked many hours to build a home for the sports club, a new amphitheater, sport grounds and the park itself. In 1967 the project was finished and the Kulturpark was given to the people as a recreation area. Until the late 1980’s it was a place for funfairs. The amphitheater were used as an open air cinema and there was a popular sports bar.
Since 1996 the Kulturpark Deutzen is a place for a special project. “Kulturpark Deutzen” is generic term of many connected projects by Pro Regio e.V. which have a main focus on an ecological management, use and configuration of the park. The combination of nature and culture is the main part in a plan to expand the park into a sociocultural center with a region wide character. It’s like a social heritage from the old days and a continuance of the history.

Deutzen alt 2Until today:

After The Wall came down the park were nearly not in use and decayed. Only the sports club “Blau-Weiß Deutzen e.V.” used the cellar rooms of the old sports bar and there were some events in the park. In summer 1995 the head of “ProRegio e.V.” spoke to the mayor of Deutzen to tell him his vision of the use in the future. The municipal decided to a long-term lease of the park and the sports area to “ProRegio e.V.” from 1996.01.01.

The first year was year full of work… concept, public relations and conservation of value. After 6 months there where the first success … a private foundation allowed an application for investments in the former sports club. So it was possible to buy new windows and to make a renewal of the sanitary facilities and electric installations. April 1997 saw the opening of the new sports club as a venue and a place for education and meetings and periodic events of all generations, e.g. season celebrations or cabaret and music events. In the last years the park offered more and more projects for schools to give the students a possibility to work in creative processes. This projects get a high acceptance in the area from Leipzig to Altenburg. In school holidays the park is a place for summer camps for kids from Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia.
There was also a huge progress in the presentation of the park itself. An ecological sample garden, a hiking trail and a fitness-path. All in a way close to nature using hedges, walls made out of wood and wetlands. Since years the willow tree is a certain element of the landscape gardening in the park. Fences, tunnel, borders of beds, gates and igloos where made out of the willow tree wood. In this sense … to combine art and nature since 1999 willow tree art symposia take place in the park.

Deutzen alt 3

Therefor the organizers are in touch with experts and artists in the range of building with living material.

Since 2000 urgent modernizations (playground, a parking place and a light system) were done with the support of the European Union and the employment office. urgent works

The latest project is an international youth camp for culture between the park and the storage basin Borna “Adria”. The future campground has a capacity up to 500 people and offers a special atmosphere and a lot of cultural activities to people in the area or international guests.

For further information see the webpage: http://www.kulturpark-deutzen.de/