Cultur Park Deutzen

A park – a unique flair

Deutzen is located five kilometers south of Borna and about 30 kilometers away from Leipzig.  Nobody, who is driving through Deutzen, expect such an area which is unique in the whole region:

The „Kulturpark“ (engl. „Culture Park“). A size of eight hectare near the city border of Deutzen. The park is located in of the most the beautiful recreation areas in the region, called “Neuseenland” framed by the “Adria of Borna” and the river Pleiße.
All started back in 2005, when the 1st NCN took place with an audience of about 300 guests. We found the location by accident and immediately recognized that this beautiful park would be an amazing location to organize and establish a small and unique festival. It took a long time, it was a very hard work and unfortunately sometimes we had bad experiences during the years. But finally we did it and we are proud of it!

The Culture Park Deutzen is a beautiful park which is kept in a very good shape. The operators developing the park all the time. Protect the equipment and present new attractions every year. Here are some of the latest highlights:

  • willow-tree dinosaur sculptures
  • redesigned and reconstructed „Kulturbühne”
  • a new lightning system
  • the lake with it’s nice beach near the festival area is now open for the people to swim and relax
  • new and  modernized natural ways and paths inside the park are now ready to explore
  • since 2015 the park has shady open air seats with a capacity for about 300 people

Who can claim a gingerbread house from the Grimm’s tale „Hansel and Gretel“ or a knight’s castle made out of willow-trees on it’s festival area? WE of course ;)
We highly recommend you to make a stroll through the park. Take the time to explore it. You will find out how much work, and effort the people put into the area. We are fascinated every year how beautiful this place is (not only in fall).
But we owe this to you our great audience as well. We know that our guest love and respect the park and the work. All our guests and crew take good care of the environment. Without this it would be impossible to run our festival year by year. We really appreciate it!.