By Train

Leipzig – Deutzen
Line „S5“ from Halle (Saale) via Airport Leipzig/Halle and Leipzig Hauptbahnhof (Central Station) to Deutzen.Bahn

If you use this train (Regionalbahn „S5“) you reach Deutzen train station from Leipzig in about 32 minutes. Stations on the way are e.g. Leipzig-Sellerhausen, Leipzig-Stötteritz, Leipzig-Connewitz, Markleeberg, Großdeuben and Böhlen.
It takes about 10 minutes by foot from Deutzen train station to the festival grounds. Please follow the signs.

From Halle (Saale), Hauptbahnhof (Central Station):
The trains go in the 36th minute every hour (e.g. 8:36, 9:36 or 10:36). The trip takes 65 minutes.

From Airport Leipzig/Halle:
The trains go in the 24th minute every hour (e.g. 8:24, 9:24 or 10:24). The trip takes 52 minutes.

From Leipzig, Hauptbahnhof (Central Station):
The trains go in the 8th and 38th minute every hour (e.g. 8:08 and 8:38, 9:08 and 9:38 or 10.08 and 10:38). The trip takes 32 minutes. 

Deutzen – Leipzig
From train station Deutzen line „S5“ about 32 minutes to Leipzig Hauptbahnhof in the center of Leipzig.

From Deutzen:
The trains go in the 18th minute every hour (e.g. 8:18, 9:18 or 10:18 until 21:18).
The last trains go 22:10 and 23:10. On Saturday and Sunday extra trains at 00:15, 02:34 and 03:58 in case you want attend the after show parties.

We assume no liability for the stated departure times.

For other trains and connections to Leipzig (Central Station) and prices please check the official site of Deutsche Bahn.