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In 2018 we offer a shuttle service again. We learnt a lot in 2017 and changed some things. We hope that this makes the service more comfortable for you.

Who is running the shuttle service?

At this years NCN festival the „Kindervereinigung Leipzig e.V.” is on charge for the shuttle service!
The KINDERVEREINIUGNG is a private agency of the „Kinder- und Jugendhilfe“ in Leipzig. This agency is active since 1991 and supports school clubs, day-care-facility centers for children. The department organizes daytrips for socially deprived people and their kids to make unfogettable holiday memories fort he families. All earnings from the shuttle service will be used for the work of the agency.

News/changes for 2018

(please ready this carefully)
1. The NCN-Shuttle 2018 operates from Thursday 6th September until Sunday 9th September. So you can use it one day more and get the chance to go to the warm-up party to have a drink.
2. In 2017 we got requests if there is a guarantee to get on the bus. Because of that you can book the shuttle for a fixed time (only for day tickets). Your seat will be reserved with the booking and enough busses will be available. Beside this we can better calculate the capacities and the costs and it is a chance to safe the nature.
3. Beside the timetable we changed the route a bit. 2018 we start the busses from Leipzig Goethestraße. There will be only one stop in Borna near EDEKA supermarket.
This safes a lot of time and we bring you much faster tot he festival. We made the decision to make only ine stop because in 2017 there was a very very low demand for the other stops.
4. In 2018 we offer day tickets and a Combi-Ticket. The Combi-Ticket is valid for Friday 15:00 and Saturday 11:30 from Leipzig. There will be NO WEEKEND TICKET.
5. Unfortunately the prices for the busses continued to rise. For 2018 the price will be up to 20% higher than last year. Of course the tickets for the bus will be more expansive too. We try to make the prices like in 2017 and hope for your understanding.

In Deutzen we offer a minibus service from the festival grounds to station Deutzen. The busses from Leipzig to Deutzen are bigger busses with a capacity of about 50 pax. If you need to use wheelchairs or if you are physically handicapped please tell us before the booking. So we can offer the best possible service.

You can order the tickets at
ATTENTION. The booking for the shuttle bus ends on 31.08.2018. Get your ticket before.

Time and Routes (big) Busses

One way (aprox. 45 min. each)
T – short for Day-Ticket
KT – short for Combi-Ticket


From Leipzig THU, 06.09. FRI, 07.09. SAT, 08.09. SUN, 09.09.

(near the little lake)

19:00 Uhr 14:30 Uhr T
15:00 Uhr KT
16:30 Uhr T
18:30 Uhr T
11:30 Uhr KT
13:30 Uhr T
15:30 Uhr T
11:30 Uhr
(stop near EDEKA supermarket)
19:35 Uhr 15:05 Uhr T
15:35 Uhr KT
17:05 Uhr T
19:05 Uhr T
12:05 Uhr KT
14:05 Uhr T
16:05 Uhr T
12:05 Uhr
arrival NCN 19:45 Uhr 15:15 Uhr T
15:45 Uhr KT
17:15 Uhr T
19:15 Uhr T
12:15 Uhr KT
14:15 Uhr T
16:16 Uhr T
12:15 Uhr


Back to Leipzig THU, 06.09. FRI, 07.09. SAT, 08.09. SUN, 09.09.
from NCN – Festival Grounds 00:15 Uhr

00:30 Uhr

01:30 Uhr

00:30 Uhr

01:30 Uhr
21:00 Uhr

22:30 Uhr

There will be enough busses for the way back to Leipzig (Friday to Sunday). A delay can happen. if the busses are not full the driver waits until enough pax are on board.

Times and Routes (Minibusses)

Shuttle in Deutzen /Train station

  Fr 07.09. Sa 08.09. So 09.09
At Borna Station
To Borna Station
15:00 – 20:00
22:00 – 01:30
12:00 – 18:00
22:00 – 01:30
12:00 – 14:00
19:00 – 22:30
from Deutzen Station
to Deutzen Station
15:00 – 20:00
22:00 – 01:30
13:00 – 19:00
22:00 – 01:30
12:00 – 14:00
19:00 – 22:30

We use some busses for the shuttle between Deutzen Station and Borna. The busses go every 15min. Of course it depends on the demand.

Extra Tours
There ist he possiblity to book extra tours. Please send your request to We maken an offer in return. Please notice that extra tours are available for 5 or more pax within about 15km.

Tickets and Prices

Day-Tickets for NCN 2018

  • Thursday, 06.09. 11,00 € p. Person
  • Friday, 07.09. 11,00 € p. Person
  • Saturday, 08.09. 11,00 € p. Person
  • Sunday, 09.09. 11,00 € p. Person
  • plus pre-sale fee for TixForGigs
  • only valid for a booked bus for the booked day and the time
  • valid for the Shuttle from Leipzig or Borna & back
  • valid for the shuttle from Borna Station and Deutzen Station
  • seats guaranteed

Kombi-Ticket (Friday & Saturday for special times)

  • Friday, 07.09. – 15:00 Uhr *
  • Saturday, 08.09. – 11:30 Uhr *
  • 20,00 € p. Person
  • plus pre-sale fee for TixForGigs
  • only valid for the times mentioned above *
  • valid for the Shuttle from Leipzig or Borna & back
  • valid for the shuttle from Borna Station and Deutzen Station
  • seats guaranteed

Tickets fort he bus can only purchased BEFORE via Please mind the terms and condition of
You can buy day tickets at the big busses to. Price is € 20. Kombi-Tickets are available via only. Please notice that the kombi tickets are available in limited quantity. You need a ticket for the „Station to Station“ shuttle (Deutzen/Borna) these are the prices for one way:

  • from / to Borna Station: 3,00 €
  • from / to Deutzen Station: 2,00 €

The „Station to Station“ shuttle operates reffering tot he timetable. A reservation is not necessary. The driver sells the tickets. Please have the coins ready ;)
For all questions about the shuttle send your request to

Best wishes
Feriendienst der Kindervereinigung Leipzig e.V.