By Bus

Coaches and Service Busses

They become more and more popular in Germany. At the moment there are connections to Leipzig only. From Leipzig you have to use trains to go to Deutzen. The station for the coaches is close to Leipzig Central Station. All information: Mein

In case you don’t know the details about trips by coaches we recommend the website of „Idelio Fernbusratgeber“ (Ideloio Coach Guide). You can download it here:
Idelio Fernbusratgeber

Service Bus:
In Deutzen you can use bus no. 258 (Borna – Deutzen – Regis-Breitigen – Lucka).
You find the timetable a spart of the web content by „ThüSac – Personennahverkehrsgesellschaft mbH”. The headquarter is located in Altenburg.

Here ist he link for the:   – Timetable –

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