Mein Zelt steht schon

MZSS – Mein Zelt Steht Schon

Our partner for almost 10 years – since 2015 the tents have a seperate space at the festival  (see map) near the festival entrance.


If you are one of these guys who want a relaxed travel to the festival? No need to carry chairs, tables, tents and cutlery…  You don’t want to waste time with fights for a good spot at the camp ground and going crazy with the tent pegs? You want to start the festival short after arrival?

So we have THE answer to all these questions… For more than 10 years mein-zelt-steht-schon i spart oft he festival scene. They are your partner to do all the nagging things around the camping. We are working together for almost the same time. You can concentrate on the important things for your travel. Less luggage… no matter if you go by car or train. AND you have a guaranteed spot at the NCN Festival before you leave your home. It’s so easy ;)

mein-zelt-steht-schon offers tents in different sizes and facilities. Chairs, tables, sunroofs, air-beds, of course sleeping bags, cooker and cutlery. You book what you need before the NCN festival. All you have to do is to find the way to Deutzen. The “MZSS” area got it’s own exclusive spot at the camping ground near the main entrance.