Principle of the Nocturnal Culture Night:

familiar, small, cozy, a very good price/performance ratio, close to the nature – we can not offer more

Festival Area:
The area is divided into different topics:
4 stages for different styles of music, after show area, kids area, outdoor seats under trees.

  • 4 Stages:
    „Amphibühne“ (Amphi Stage), „Parkbühne“ (Park Stage), „Kulturbühne“ (Culture Stage“, „Weidenbogenbühne“ (Willow Tree Stage… hard to translate ;) ). All shows from all artists in the NCN line-up will take place on this stages. For all information about the stages see „Location
  • Aftershow Party:
    The is a tarmac area in front of the „Parkbühne“. It ist he place for our small aftershow party. It starts right after the last show of the day on Friday and Saturday.
  • Kids Area:
    Since 2010 we offer childcare for our small guests and their parents. So the oldre guest can go shopping for them ;). We are pleased and very happy that „die Schwarze“ is part of the NCN since years.
  • Outdoor Seats under the trees:
    Since 2015 we have a outdoor area with free seats. The capacity is about 300 pax. You find the shoppingmall and food there as well. It is located near the „Weidenbogenbühne“ and the place for a rest.
  • Warm Up Party:
    All information see Programm/ Aftershow.

Because of the limited space at the Kulturpark we select the booths for shopping and food to avoid an overload in the assortment. The feedback from our guests showed us that we made a good selection during the last years.

Parking lots 1&2 are located very close to the festival area. Driving and parking on the festival parking lots is at your own risk. You need a parking ticket to get access to parking lot 1&2&3. The tickets are available in our NCN shop, category „Parkplatz”.
You find the entrance to the parking lots at “August-Bebel-Street” (very close to the bakery). Please follow the signs „P1 & P2“.
Parking lot 3, is about 700 meters away from the festival area and is located at the road number „S50“. Please follow the signs „P3“.
Parking lot 4 will be a new in 2018. It will be free.
For all information about the parking and the Camper/RV area please see category „Parkplatz“.

You find the opening hours of the camping area on the left hand side (see category „Campingplatz“). Please keep the camping site clean! You get garbage bags on arrival. Unfortunately a deposit of € 5,00 is required. In return to the garbage bags and the pawn chip at the central dumpsters you get the deposit back.
The place with the dumpsters will be open on Sunday from 4pm to 10pm and on Monday from 8am to 11am.
At the moment there are no limitations about cooking and grills on the camping site. Please remember the season of NCN. In case of a high forest fire level bonfires or grills will be prohibited and of course our crew will control it for security reasons.

Youth Protection:
Teenagers under 18 years can only stay at the festival after midnight in company with a legal guardian. Legal guardians are defined by the German law as parents or persons older than 18 years with power of attorney by the parents. These persons have to take care for the teenagers and have to show legitimizing documents on request. Please download the form, fill in all required data and carry it with you. Thank you!

You find an ATM in the city of Deutzen near the marketplace. It’s about 1 km away from the festival area. For further information please check the festival guide or the information boards.

If you see any dangerous situation or trouble please feel free to contact the security staff. Please follow their instructions.
In the unlikely case of an evacuation of the festival we will give you intructions via the sound systems at the stages. Please stay calm and serene and not hysterical and follow the signs of the escape routes, the security instructions and the announcements at the stages.

Drinking Water:
There is a water spot at the camping area.

Every festival visitor is liable for the damage caused by him on the festival area, camping site and in the parking lot!

Medical Care:
For medical emergencies, we have paramedics in action. The location is shown in the map and in the program booklet.Pets:
The bringing of animals of any kind is prohibited on the entire festival grounds!

Wheelchair-accessible toilets are available on the festival grounds! We do not have wheelchair platforms on the stages.Ticket Counbterfeiters:
Please do not buy festival tickets from street vendors, the tickets can be fake. People with such tickets will not be admitted to the festival area!

On our festival grounds there are toilet containers, DIXI’s and permanently installed sanitary facilities with washing facilities, mirrors, etc.

The catering companies on the festival site work with a deposit system. This is necessary in order to limit the pollution in the park.In general, the transport of food and drinks of any kind and quantity to the festival area is prohibited.


Photo / Filming:
It is forbidden to bring sound recorders of any kind, film or video cameras.
Tablets are prohibited on the festival grounds.It is not allowed to take mirror reflex cameras with a zoom lens or video of any kind.
Allowed are 35mm cameras and mobile phones with camera function.

All points listed here are once again recorded in the terms and conditions of the NCN Festival.