13.05.2018 – Line Up drown grown

Dear NCN supporters,

we added some more bands to our line-up which is now nearly complete.
Nevertheless, there are some more well-known bands to be announced, you can be curious …

Here are the new entrants since the last announcement in alphabetic order:


7pm Ritual, Any Second, Assemblage 23, Controlled Collapse, D:uel, Faid, Harmjoy, Heimataerde, I-M-R, I Like Train, Machinista, S.P.O.C.K., Stalingrad V, Steril, Suir, Sündenrausch, St.Michael Front, Tanz ohne Musik, Tyske Ludder, Vlad In Tears, Whispering Sons, Widukind,


I Like Trains




Assemblage 23




Tyske Ludder


I-M-R (In My Rosary)




Any Second


St.Michael Front




7pm Ritual




Whispering Sons


Tanz Ohne Musik


Vlad In Tears


Controlled Collapse




Stalingrad V


28.01.2018 Marc Almond Headliner & more Acts

Even though we still can’t believe it: We are proud to present Marc Almond with a Best Of set!

But that’s not all of it. There are three more very interesting bands who will join us at the NCN:
TC75 – side project of Tino Claus (Amnistia, MRDTC) presenting driving electro beats
Kælan Mikla – cool minimalistic sound from Iceland
Plastic Noise Experience – Claus Kruse, an EBM institution, will enrich our festival in 2018.

Yours NCN team

Marc Almond

TC 75

Kaelan Mila

Plastic Noise Experience



11.01.2018 NCN Shuttle

After last year’s success we will once again provide a shuttle bus service in 2018. For further information on routes and timetables, tickets and fares, current modifications, presale and contact data, please have a look at our NCN webpage.


27.12.2017 – Kurze geniale Ergänzung zum Line Up

Great news: No one less than Agent Side Grinder will appear on stage with their new singer. And on the Cultural Stage Evi Vine will present new material to you. Two artists/bands fitting perfectly to our beautiful venue.
Well then, let’s start 2018 – it will get exciting.

Agent Side Grinder

Evi Vine


23.12.2017 – Line Up wächst stetig

Dear NCN audience,
shortly prior to Christmas it’s a pleasure for us to fill up the line-up and confirm some more bands for the Nocturnal Culture Night in 2018

Clock DVA

Escape With Romeo

KaS Product

Kirlian Camera

Lizette Lizette

Pter Hook & The Light

The Foreign Resort

UV Pop

Welle Erdball


22.10.2017 – Wir starten durch in das NCN 2018

Der Vorverkauf läuft seit dem 01.10.2017… Ihr startet verdammt richtig gut … dafür gibt es gleich mal eine geniale Bandankündigung!!!

1st Band at NCN 2018:
Imagine you already booked an exquisite selection of bands for a festival, with which band will you start announcing the line- up?
Thinking of the headliner show on Saturday night at the NCN 2012, I still get goose bumps. Very often visitors asked me to bring him back to Deutzen – and 6 years after his first appearance at the amphi stage we will do it again. It is an honor and a pleasure for us to welcome Peter Hook & The Light with a Joy Division set at the NCN in 2018!